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I love making things, fixing, building, creating, renovating things. I think I learned it from my mom, who can fix anything you put in front of her :) 
After college, I tried working in advertising, later as a swimming coach... But my hobbies, curiosity and my restless finger tips caught up with me. It started getting in a way of everything, so I dropped out of graduate school, said goodbye to my day job and dove in all the way. 
I was looking for my dream leather bag for quite some time, and eventually decided to make one with the help of my mom. I bought a few leather coats from a second hand store, cut them up, cleaned and ironed it and constructed the mother of all bags. Followed by many more. With every new bag I learned and progressed until a year later, my mom was happy to let me go be a grown up bag maker, so that she could go live in her summer hut and garden all day :)
I have been making bags and wallets since 2011, skipping to work every morning, not noticing hours flying by, travelling to markets on weekends. I love the smell of leather and the glue, and all 14 knifes I have for cutting new shapes and patterns. I love how smooth the zippers run back and forth. And I especially love to snap close all the pockets in the end :) I still do everything myself: finding the leather, cutting, sewing, finishing, photographing, editing, managing the online store, packaging and shipping it to you.
Every bag I make starts with an idea of something I would wear myself. If you enjoy simple, but classic things that last you a long time, if you would rather have a few quality items that serve well, TOKS VISOKS ideology is right for you. I personally pick leather and construct bags that i would be proud to pass it to you!
Thank you for stopping by!

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